As international digital natives, we know how important it is to make long lasting connections with your specified target audience. We tell the story of brands and companies through meaningful social media, in their local countries. To allow us to turn followers into true fans, we like to work with brands that enthuse us and have a captivating story to tell. Connecting people to brands, that’s what it’s all about.

Somention Europe wants to:

Introduce your foreign brand to the European market
Expand your brand to a foreign language European country
Help you to reach more than only ONE European demographic
Build meaningful relationships with your customers through relatable, local accounts


Content Creation

Localised content can make your customers feel connected to you as a brand, they relate to knowledgable copy and familiar imagery. Building meaningful relationships starts with common ground, we create this though native content. It could be an engaging poll on your Instagram story, an inspiring flat lay or stunning cinematography; social content shapes your brand’s personality and gives it a voice, turning your target audience into real fans.

Community Management

Our European natives transform your followers into true fans. We are convinced that a local brand community creates a loyal support base, full of interaction and recognition. Because your fans are always on, so are we! Even on holidays, weekends and evenings. Somention never misses a beat!

Influencer Marketing

Through strategic collaborations with brand specific influencers, your target audience can be easily reached. Utilizing relationships with influential locals can extend your network to build trust with your customers and vastly expand sales.

Brands & clients


We are the social natives at Somention. Every day we combine hands & brains to advise brands about the correct way to use social media. Why are we experts? Because we work with brands that enthuse us about what we do!

Inquiries? We’d love to touch base.